In Europe, huge progresses was made, since years, to improve the insulation and resistance of our constructions.

In Népal, the manner of building, in many areas, is comparable with what existed, on our promises, 60 years ago, with identical climatic conditions, if they are harder only those of our Alps.


The inhabitants of valleys, constrained to go down to supply itself out of wood, have then to bring back these heavy loads of wood on their back. As a consequence, some people prefer to leave their village during the cold season.

This energy consumption also represents an important financial expenditure for the owners of tourist accommodations, without notorious improvement of the comfort.

In some areas, the forest is not anymore able of countering the many landslides, sometimes catastrophic, during monsoons. This due to the massive use of the wood, for the cooking and the heating. Few reflections were done to improve the thermal performances of houses, significant factor of this problem.

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