While bringing our knowledge, in the insulation and the resistance of constructions, we can appreciably improve the living conditions in the villages of altitude, while using local materials, respecting the specific architectural heritage to each area.


An « organic-source » product is very indicated to this context. It be:

  • Produced locally: a new business opportunity for the local peasants. 
  • Light and compact: asset for storage, handling and transport (numerous walking carriers with tracks non accessible to regular vehicles).
  • Easily implemented: facilitate the training of workers on the place. 
  • Economic with very good ecological balance: produced in the country, it would be affordable by the most important part of the population
  • Available for refurbishment projects or new constructions : The opportunity to readjust the structure and the mode of construction, to return these more resistant buildings to the local weather conditions.

A production, relocated on several peasant regions, makes them, themselves, partners and beneficiaries of a chain of mutual aid. An implementation, on construction sites, employs of the formed local staff, making autonomous, medium-term, the teams of construction.


  • Reduce wood consumption and therefore savings for the people 
  • Reduce pollution and forest destruction.
  • Reduce village desertion during the cold period and therefore maintain a communal life throughout the year
  • Reduce illness due to tough climatic conditions
  • Increase of the comfort and resistance of the constructions, without increasing inevitably the price by it.
  • Quality certification is possible for lodges and guesthouses’ owners who have invested. This could be a way to slow down the proliferation of tough houses without any trait. These houses are a threat for the landscapes.

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